Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's a big journey..

Tannah has taken a while to draw a picture of anything that actually looks like something. There has been a lot of frantic circles with lots of pressure on the paper and a lot of scribbling but no "here is me and my toy" type drawings with a couple of strange looking stick figures on the page. I was patient. I was not worried. I was trying VERY hard not to compare her to other kids her age when I see a picture that her friend had done of their unborn brother floating around in their mother's uterus..not to mention looking at all the names on the xmas cards that it is obvious the kids themselves have added their name to....anyhooo. Tannah comes up to me a couple of weeks ago and is all flustered.

"Why can't I write my name? I keep trying but it's not perfect!"

I'm excited. She's keen! I write her name, explaining as I go, wondering why I chose a six letter name. She has a go at the T and gets pissed immediately-she is a total perfectionist in all that she does and expects to be able to write straight away. We talk about it. She decides she wants to write over the top of my letters. I google worksheets and find one that I can make her name on and print out a few. She has a go at a couple and colours in the rest.

I talk to Lovely Kate about it all-the drawing, the frustration and the sudden urge to write. She knows early childhood stuff and suggests maybe some different drawing tools might do the trick. I take Tans to BigW and we peruse the stationary department and buy some bits and pieces. Textas, gel pens, wind up crayons and triangle shaped pencils. Over the next few days there is much drawing and experimenting with new tools on different mediums (the name worksheets are forgotten) and she comes to me with a drawing of a person-with arms, legs and a body! I feel so happy for her because she is clearly excited with herself. And it was the gel pens on crisp white paper that she chose :)So she is happy drawing. Then a couple of days later "why can't I read the words too?"

We talk, I ponder. I decide to give Reading Eggs a trial after hearing nothing but good things about them. On our trip to BigW the week before Tans showed some interest in some of the reading aid type stuff. She wanted ABC flash cards (!!??) and a Reading Eggs workbook. I bought them and put them in the cupboard where she could access them if she wanted. Tannah LOVES the Reading Eggs stuff. She likes the songs and animation, but isn't really into the exercises as such. All good.After a week no one has asked me to put it on again.The "school stuff" remains unused in the cupboard and she has lost all interest in writing her name. I struggle with trusting her journey-it's a long one after-all.

She still loves the gel pens though.


katepickle said...

She'll come back to it... she's probably busy perfecting something else... or internalising her new skills and interests till she is ready to use them on the outside again. It's all good!

anastasia_wolf said...

Agree with Kate. Kira has become more interested in writing with chalk, she gets disheartened with pencils and pens as she doesn't have the "correct" grip... but the chalk forces her to have the "correct" grip and she's much more confident. I think you're a great unschooly mama!

Peace, Love and Breast Milk said...

god how i love unschooling! every post you write on the girls learning is so full of inspiration and wisdom.

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