Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mad as hell.

I went to yet another rally today in support of women being able to have a homebirth with an Independent Midwife.
I spent more time and energy and money taking my family to basically plead with the government to let us keep our human rights. It makes me fucking pissed off. Especially since our PM refused to show himself and hear us.

Who do the powers that be think they are? I mean what fucking right do they have to tell me where and how and with who to birth my baby? It's MY body, MY baby, MY vagina and my right as a woman and a mother to choose who is MY care provider.It seems to me that if the issue were safety (and homebirth has been proven time and time again to be safe) that elective c-sections would be the first to go right? It is no secret that it is more dangerous to have a c-section than a vaginal birth. If having your baby at home is proven to be no more dangerous than having your baby in the hospital then what is the agenda of the AMA?
I can't help but feel incredibly cynical about the whole thing. Money perhaps? Or is it that old chestnut of having a group of people (and women no less) choosing to be non-conformists and live outside the system. Informed people making their own decisions?? We can't have that.

I am over fighting for this. I shouldn't have to. How dare the powers that be think they have any say in MY birthing choices.

I'm also afraid. If they take this right away then what's next? Freebirth? Calling DOCS on women who choose to birth unassisted? Vaccination? Forced injections on children? Schooling? Forcing me to put my kids into a system I have no faith in? Will we live in a nanny state where the government thinks they have the right to oversee parents decisions involving their kids? Scary stuff.

But my main emotion at the moment is anger. I saw women today who had come a long way with small children. I saw women who I have seen at other rallies. I know we have all spent time, money and effort trying to be heard and to fight for the basic right to choose. I saw women who, like me, have been damaged by an overburdened hospital system that fails birthing women and babies. And to be ignored is just the icing on the cake.

I also saw my Midwife. The amazing Sally who cared for me and Harper (and the rest of my family!) on our pregnancy and birth journey. A skilled and wise woman who may soon have to collaborate with an OB to care for women as she did for us. I hope for the sake of womens rights in this country that it doesn't come to that.


Sif said...

"Will we live in a nanny state where the government thinks they have the right to oversee parents decisions involving their kids?"

Um, yeeeees...

This is what it MEANS to vote Labor, or any party that preferences their vote to Labor. This is what it means to vote left of center. Left of center is socialist oriented. The aim is for society to support the people within society. For that reason there will ALWAYS be a socially engineered "acceptible practice" and that practice will always be overseen by the Government. In our society that means, public education, pubic medicalisation and so on.

Right of center will always allow more personal freedom, BUT with that comes a lot of personal responsibility - if you want it, you have to pay for it. With that attitude also comes, "We'll set laws according to who has the most money and what THEY want." In our society that means the AMA...

So, right of center is actually MORE likely to let people homebirth, home school and so on, BUT they will also support OBs right to business and Pharmaceutical companies right to scaremonger for profit...

Stitch Sista said...

Oh Shae, it makes me mad too.

And I hate that I wasn't there to support the cause, but am also so jaded and so over it that personally I never felt it would be worth mine and my kids time to get to Ballarat. Canberra was our grand gesture and it basically did nothing.

I still think we can get what we want, I'm just no 100% sure how.

Stitch Sista said...

Sif that's why I reckon we should vote on issues rather than parties, because at least half the policies from any one party are not going to sit well with me.

For example, if I support climate change action do I have to give up homebirth? Because if there isn't a party that supports both how do you choose.

shae said...

Hate politics! Hate ALL the political parties in one way or another. Each election is like torture for me-who do I vote for...and then I always feel yuck about who I did.

Sazz said...

I feel your rage, Shae and your fear fr the future and the long arm of the government stretching further and further into our lives, taking more autonomy :(

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