Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Organize me baby!!

I used to be so organized (and on time ALWAYS but let's not speak of that)and I guess I kinda sorta still am. But not to my standard.

I forget things more than I care to admit, I spend too much on groceries when I do them on the fly and I find things sneaking up on me that I was sure I had all sorts of time until. It needs to stop. I'm taking control!

I have started a meal roster. We have the same 7 meals on the same night each week. It makes shopping and cooking easier and should keep my weekly spend down as there will be no random buying of food.

SUNDAY- roast chook with veggies
MONDAY- salmon patties and fried rice and salad (leftover veggies in patties and chook in rice)
TUESDAY-cheesy tuna pasta
WEDNESDAY-cheesy tuna rice (same sauce, 2 nights)
THURSDAY- meat (lamb or beef) and veggies
FRIDAY- meatballs and home made pasta
SATURDAY- barbecue meat (whatever's going) and potato bake and salad

I've been reading Simple Mom and love her downloads especially the daily docket. Most important tasks, a to do list, general daily plan, what's for dinner and room for notes-I LOVE it! It's definitely helping. I'm also trying to actually USE my calendar and diary.

We have a weekly rhythm happening too. I can feel that having solid stuff on solid days works for us. I'm wanting to make a kind of magnetic calendar of the week with photos so the kids can know what's coming and get more of a flow happening for them.

I really need to make time each week to sort paperwork and so on because that gets out of hand so quick! That will be next on my list...

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katepickle said...

Need you to talk to me about how you make pasta now that the old hens have been scared into laying, and we are still planning on three new layers AND the incubator is half built... might just be able to keep us in eggs for pasta!

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