Sunday, February 21, 2010

A school by any other name...

I say we "homeschool" a lot. Truth is what we actually do is really far from school. There are a few terms for the style we have adopted. unschooling, natural learning, child led learning, delight driven learning,life learning, home based education and so on and so on. I always say we homeschool because people know what I am talking about straight away. Most people who don't know me personally are just making conversation about "when will Tannah start school" etc so I don't feel like explaining the what unschooling is.

We don't follow a curriculum or have only specific times for school type activities. I really like the description "life learning" because so much of what kids learn is just from living and being interested in becoming part of the world around them-school or not. But I am open to what specific subjects or skills the kids might be interested in learning, including doing workbooks or playing learning games on the internet-with no pressure to do any more than they feel like completing. That sounds more like "child led learning". The term "unschooling" can sound quite negative to some and positive to others depending on your outlook-I have heard it described as like unbinding or undoing where school is something restrictive and unschooling is taking that restriction away. I like that too and probably identify with aspects of that particular branch of homeschooling the most.

But I think that "natural learning" describes us best. Naturally the kids want to learn and in their own style with no pressure. They are driven by human nature to become a part of the community and gather the skills to help them do so. I help them along the way.

But I'll probably keep saying that we homeschool lol


Sazz said...

Your home sounds like ours :) and your grapple with language around this lifestyle sounds like mine too ;)

anastasia_wolf said...

I could have written that post!

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