Thursday, February 25, 2010

The sexualization of our children

I went to a talk last night hosted by Barefoot magazine. The topic was "our Girls, Our Bodies, Ourselves" and the sexualization of of little girls.

It was pretty full on.

What kids see in the media has changed. Music clips resemble soft porn and there are magazines aimed at little girls where photos of kids their age have been air brushed and enhanced.Teen girls can buy t-shirts with very provocative slogans. Eating disorders are at an all time high. The number one concern for children aged between 14 and 21 is their appearance. Not school, bullying, suicide, drugs, family problems but appearance. The media is making young girls feel that if they want to be popular they MUST be sexy.

A group of teens (boys and girls) were shown photos of naked breasts and asked to show the ones they liked the look of the best. ALL the boys opted for the fake ones and almost all the girls did too. So with Brazilian waxing and fake tan being sold to 13 year old girls we are making them into mini porn stars. Just the look the boys are used to seeing. Provocatively dressed,underweight, hairless women with huge breasts-who just can't get enough sex. These images are being bombarded on our children on a daily basis. It's pretty scary.

Check out Melinda Tankard Reist or Kids Free 2B Kids for more info (we heard excellent speeches from both websites) as well as Moonsong for ways to encourage women both young and old to reclaim their bodies.
But please join Collective Shout a grassroots movement where you can get involved in making companies accountable for their unethical marketing.

And talk to your kids-about everything!


Stitch Sista said...

I know that I shouldn't, and I know that I can't, but this is seriously when I want to bury my head with EXTRA sand. I hate the soft porn all around so much.

katepickle said...

Can't wait to chat with you about this... really like this blog on this topic too

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