Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ahh lovely autumn. Warmish days, snuggly cool nights and mornings-and lots of food coming out of my garden!!
When you backyard is as small as mine is you have to make it functional. No leaving plants to do their thing when the season ends. So we pulled out all the vines, plants and bushes that were finished and have put some compost on the bare soil, ready for the planting of autumn veggies.

But before we did that we have been harvesting the all that we could.

The carrots didn't do so well-but the kids ate them! Straight from the ground. Zero food miles

And we got this massive haul on Sunday! I'm having a crack at making chilli jam this weekend. Fingers crossed it works.

Bok-bok is in a laying frenzy! We have had an egg 3 out of five days. It's very exciting, the kids love checking to see if there is one and they carry it in ever so gently. I think the other chooks are going to wait until spring. We'll see.

So I'm off to buy some seedlings this weekend and I've already got some seeds planted. Life is busy in the Yay For Homestead!

Imaging what I could do with acreage.....


Stitch Sista said...

Oooh how do you make chili jam? Been wondering what to do with my chilies!

katepickle said...

ooh look at your pumpkins! I'm so jealous!

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