Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Surprise blessings

One of the biggest surprises in becoming a mother is all the beautiful women I have met. I have some amazing and lovely friends that I would not have met otherwise. The only thing we had in common to begin with is that we had children-but now there is more.

I have spent many lovely hours of my children's life enjoying the company of my friends while our kids have played together. There have been celebrations, tears, discussions, playdates, laughs and a bit of singstar.

So to those lovely Mamas I'm lucky enough to call my friends-near and far, online and in real life and especially those closest to me who I see very often. Thank-you :) It makes the journey that much easier and enjoyable!


katepickle said...

right back at ya!

anastasia_wolf said...

Like. LOL

Peace, Love and Breast Milk said...

what katepickle said!

you brighten up my week, which I LOVE, so much better than brightening up my year ;)

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