Friday, March 5, 2010

Things I know

It's been a while....

-having the fundraiser chocolates in my house is dangerous
-small children delight in sharing wisdom such as "that is the daddy giraffe because he has a HUGE doodle" in public
-it's ace that my older two know how to cut with scissors, it would be more ace if they had any inclination to help me sweep up a million small pieces of paper.
-packing for camping for a family of 5 easily takes as much organizing as the moon landing.
-we live in a very sick society where children are taken from their homes and murdered. I just cannot get these awful stories from the news out of my head.
-me being on the computer during the kids waking hours is not fun for them-and they will see to it that I get off dammit!
-never assume that because a child has enjoyed a meal before that they will ever enjoy, or even try it again.
-Cola has caffeine in it. Don't be annoyed at the breastfed baby for not sleeping after you have a couple of glasses of it.
-love is having your almost 5 year old come and talk to you while you are in the shower and tell you that you are a beautiful Mummy :)

What do you know?


Stitch Sista said...

I know that I like it when you do your 'things I know'

Nic said...

Yeah thats a lovely list :-) especially the last one awww

anastasia_wolf said...

Oh god the meal thing seriously pushes my buttons!! LOL

VaderKip said...

How well I can relate to all of these. Well except maybe the shower one!!!

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