Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birth order can be a bitch

Dear Harper,
When you are an adult and you are going through the photos of when you were little (probably on a magic wand or by telekinesis or something by then) it may seem that you got ripped off in the first birthday department. You may even wonder if you had a first birthday party. Granted, you had to share it with your oldest sister's fifth birthday but we did sing "happy birthday Tannah AND Harper".
I know Tannah had a naming ceremony for her first birthday and Willow had a womens circle dedicated just for her so it might seem like you missed out. I was looking at the photos of the party that I took today and there is only really one of you to speak of. I know there are many of the other two girls sitting in front of cakes that I painstakingly decorated from a Womens Weekly book and you got an plain cupcake, and there is no photo to share.
But let me explain why.
I have learned things over the years. That the cakes I stressed over making were not important. I often made them while I had a sad baby wanting my time around my feet. Or I got up early or stayed up late to finish a cake or prepare for a party. And the best part of the party was sharing it with the guests. Having fun with friends and family who we love.
But, back to the lack of photos.
It's hard to take a heap of pictures myself when my arms are full with you! You have always been my "in arms" baby. You have loves life from the safety of Mama or Daddy's (and now Granny and Little Pa's-woot!) arms. So we do it in shift. One of us holds your lovely self and the other chases the big 2 around. It does make photo taking tricky.
But know that our lack of creativity in getting your big days on record is no reflection on how much we love you.


Sif said...

You know, the only child I *consciously* take photos of is Luey. He is my middle child (even though I have two. So much of what you've written here is true for him as well, the in arm (on my back for the first 3 years of his life) bit is certainly true.

He's nearly 9 now, and I STILL always have to consciously remember to capture his image because he's the quiet one, the one who doesn't say, "Look at ME, I'm over HERE, did you get ME in the picture?!" Not like the other three... Birth order IS a bitch...

katepickle said...

Ah the plight of the youngest child.. don't worry H you and I can lament the lack of family photos of us together when you get bigger! LOL

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