Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farmers market


We hit the local farmers marker today and look at the bounty we bought home! None of it is certified organic but most said they used no chemicals and one said he used as little as possible. It was all local food, fresh and seasonal.

A friend lent me the book Animal Vegetable Miracle and I really enjoyed reading it. It was set in the Northern hemisphere so it was based on their seasons but the message was the same for here. There was a lot of talk about food miles and how much oil goes into every bite of food we eat in the way of transporting it to your plate. Also how out of touch we have become with food as most of it is available all year round. You can get broccoli in high summer and even mangoes in winter sometimes. People usually think nothing of buying fish from Vietnam or a lime from Tahiti while riding their bike to work to reduce their carbon footprint. Madness?

One thing that I have realized of late that being a conscious consumer is not about this challenge and that challenge but it should just be a way of life. Things like buying local, organic where possible and from ethically & sustainably farmed animals could just change the world.

In other news it seems we have 2 chickens on the lay!
The blue tinged eggs on the left come from Bok-bok and that's all we have been seeing thus far. Until today when I discovered 2 eggs and the one on the right is such a different colour that it must have come from another chook. Apart from the fact that a pure breed chicken is not going to lay 2 eggs in a day. Exciting times at the Yay for Homestead.


Stitch Sista said...

I must must must do the same. There are enough local markets around here to hit one each weekend I just haven't got organised enough yet!

Just wondering how much for your bounty? Good prices?

shae said...

cheap! I took $40 and had enough for "donut bread" (bagels) and a coffee :)

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