Tuesday, April 13, 2010


At the home learning forum Joyous Learning there is a great idea to put a theme out there and see where it takes you. This fortnight it is "journeys".

I'm going to chat to Tannah about it later and see if she is interested or if she has any thoughts about what a journey means to her and any activities we might do. There are so may possibilities! Of course she might still be a bit young to have any interest or ideas on he topic. I do like the idea of a theme like an open ended question. With no pressure to participate but with endless possibilities. When we did the autumn leaves at Easter it was at Tannah's request to hang leaves up because "we don't have an Autumn tree inside".

I think one of the hard things about unschooling is not having any expectations on how an activity might go. I did have to bite my tongue when the Autumn leaves were being painted blue-that's not an "Autumn colour"! I love putting ideas out there for the girls to take or leave and to plan fun things for us to do. I need to remember to leave my expectations at the door and follow their lead.

When I do we all enjoy it :)

Wonder where this journey will take us....

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