Saturday, April 17, 2010

My bubble

People, by nature, find other like minded people to spend time with. I have a huge community of women (and men and children) who parent in a similar way. I am blessed to have my "bubble".
In my bubble no one bats and eyelid at homebirth (even if they don't choose one them selves)and they bring food after a baby is born. I can whine about how hard tandem feeding is at times and I only hear sympathy and empathy, not weaning suggestions. When I'm asked "how is Tannah going in her own room?" the question is about how she is handling it, not about how I am keeping her in there. I can discuss the recently discovered joys of using a menstrual cup and know I'm not weirding people out. A lot of the children in my bubble also learn at home, and the families that don't never bat an eyelid about their kids catching "socially backward" from mine. It's just nice to have a community where I'm normal. Where bringing brown bread sandwiches and hommus with veggie sticks is not a laughable offense. It's nice to be asked questions out of general interest rather than as a way of further separating yourself from me. Mostly it's nice when the adults treat my children as people too. Not as freaks or morons.

Back into the bubble I go.


Ana Star said...

The more time you spend in that bubble the more it all makes sense...and then occasionally you step outside the bubble, and oh my.

MoederKip said...

Part of me keeps saying I should push myself to get out of my bubble more ... that I 'should' get used to the big bad world.
But then I wonder why I would want to do that... my bubble is a healthy (and fun) environment. And it's not as though it lacks intelligent debate and questioning, and learning. It's just a much more positive and gentle place for growth (for all the family).

Peace, Love and Breast Milk said...

Very happy to be part of that bubble :) You make me look so forward to my own future...even if it is only a mere few years away ;)

anastasia_wolf said...

Yep. I honestly get a shock these days when I hear a comment that sounds like it's from outer space.

Bianca said...

I love my bubble!!! I too am regularly shocked, baffled, or disgusted when encountering 'mainstreamers'. I then have to remember that they probably just don't know that there is an easier and/or better way of doing things. I need to work on my acceptance of these 'other' people. It does the world no good to judge them. Anyway, I'm glad I can feel comfortable nursing my 3yo in public while enjoying the company of other bubble residents.

jenmac said...

Yes! I really felt your post as i was at a mainstream event the other day and all the comparing that went on! Who really cares!

Emma Someone said...

"It's nice to be asked questions out of general interest rather than as a way of further separating yourself from me."

zomg this is the BEST description ever of why I love my bubble. I totally loved it enough to get let down ;).

Garden Pheenix said...

Oh hai there. lol my only bubble is online, which is fine for now, but I do LOVE reading blogs like yours and finding women who think and feel the same way about stuff.

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