Monday, April 26, 2010

Now for some fluff....


Before I had children I was NEVER going to breastfeed a child long enough that they were old enough to ask for it. Eeeeew gross and all that.

When Tannah was one and I was long past thinking all the eeew gross stuff I was desperate for her to have a word for breastfeeding so all the pointing and flailing had meaning (note-pointing and flailing did not always mean boob me). So I kept saying "you want boob?" every time she went for one. She shortened it into "boo" and it was one of her first words. She would (very cutely)come up, point at my chest and smile and say "booo". People became confused that when they would say "where's Tannah? Peek-a BOO" that her face would light up and she would come jump in my lap like "yes! Boo, great idea".

When Willow started talking (she was 18 months old before she uttered a word) all she said was "NO" for a couple of months-which should have led me to be more prepared for her at 2 years old. This was followed by Mama, Dadad and boo. All the important words.

Now Harper is having a go at saying Mama and Dadad I'm saying "boo" every time she has a feed. But Harper has her own version. "booo-BAH" It's too cute. It has me saying "you want booo-BAH?" when I offer and it has Willow frowning at me. She knows the word is Boo thanks very much and makes a point of shooting Harper a sideways glare when she says "Boo Mum"-think dramatic chipmunk look.

So much for weaning kids old enough to talk.


anastasia_wolf said...

LOL at dramatic chipmunk!

Jess said...

Ha,ha, we have BoooBah here as well. I remember talking to someone about how it can get embaressing when my (almost 2yo) asks for the breast. She had me in stitches when she told me her first born toddler son's word for boob was tiiiiitttties!!!! ROLF

Rainbow JenJen said...

Funny isn't it, so many(usually the mainstreamers) think if a child can walk across a room and ask for it, they're too old for it. But now we find ourselves in the situation and you know they're not too old, they've figured out how to ask for what they want!
It's "booooobies" in our house. Even Jack's older cousins, ranging from 2.5-7yrs old, like to tell me "he wants your boobies!" when Jack's climbing on me ;)

Outspoken Tomato said...

Our "code word" is "nums nums." My little one could say that at about 9 months, so weaning her when she could ask for it was insanity in my mind. Why not give your kiddo the best possible food for as long as possible? Okay... as long as possible within reason. We don't want to be nursing teenagers! LOL!

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