Wednesday, April 28, 2010


In early July these is going to have a new addition to the Yay For Homestead.

We are getting a puppy.

Tannah has been asking for a puppy for over a year now. Obviously when I was a million weeks pregnant it was not a good time, nor with a new baby. So we have been putting her off with "when Harper is bigger". But she asks and asks and talks and talks about "her dog".

About 6 moths ago I told Luke that maybe we should think about it. We love dogs too and I think dogs are good for kids. But the whole Lola incident was scarring for everyone.

Lola was our "firstborn". a big greyhound cross who we adored and spoiled. When Tannah came along she was great-took it all really well. When I was pregnant with Willow we moved interstate and lived with my parents. She lost her rank completely (they have a dog as well) and never recovered. Willow was born and she started acting up. I'm sad to say that I should have put in more time with her or re-homed her to someone with no kids when the first signs of aggression started to happen-but I was busy with 2 small kids. So one day I was outside with Tannah and Lola and Lola attacked Tannah-unprovoked. It was by sheer luck that I was able to get in between them and grab Tannah and run her inside. She was physically unhurt but really traumatized and I was not prepared to live with a 35kg dog that wanted to hurt my child. We had her put to sleep as I was worried that she might hurt someone else's child (or dog)if we re-homed her. Luke and I were heartbroken.

So when Tannah started insisting that we needed a dog Luke and I were hesitant. Apart from having a small yard we wanted to make sure we had the time to put into another member of the family. After much discussion and back and forth we have decided that we do.

A friend's dog (who is called Shae lol) had puppies on Harper's birthday. They are brittany/cocker spaniel cross puppies. Luke was unsure about timing-he wanted to wait another year-but seeing Tannah hold these puppies yesterday and talk about them non stop since he had a change of heart. They are a perfect size, from a good home and *ahem* adorable! She will come to us in early June. Tannah wants to call her Bindi-I should have been less surprised.

Very exciting times. Now to fence the strawberries so she can't get in!


katepickle said...

ooooh yay for Puppy Love!
My girls are going to be sooooooo excited, and I am ever hopeful we can cure M of his dog phobia!

jenmac said...

Oh that sucks about yr experience. Greyhounds are known for that. So are a lot of bitches. Highly recommend getting a male dog and desexing it. xxx

you managed to talk L around then!

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