Friday, April 23, 2010

Things I know

Should really do this every Friday...

-You will not catch all the vomit that comes out of your child into your 2 cupped hands. No matter how much you want to.
-if you are shaking vomit off a towel outside shake gently, unless you want all the vomit to get airborne and end up in your hair.
-if your kids take turns at choosing the DVD keep up to who's turn it is, unless you enjoy upsetting everyone
-the post office and 3 children. Just don't go there.
-when an invitation to join a new unschooling group asks to bring some food to share try to remember that said unschoolers are all raw vegan before just dropping into local supermarket to pick up a bunch of packaged food.
-when a blog post gets shared around and your blog gets a whole lot of hits from new people and lovely comments you feel like Heather Armstrong
-all 3 children being asleep, Luke on shift and the housework all finished + bloglines being down = oh the humanity
-when your Mother is offended by the existence of all flies and spent your childhood saying "yuck! Dirty fly!!" before emptying a can of spray onto the fly you will have no choice but to HATE flies.

1 comment:

Mary Beth said...

I'm new to your blog and just had to leave a message telling you just how much I enjoy it :)

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