Thursday, April 29, 2010

What I really want for Mother's Day

Was flicking through the junk mail yesterday and all the catalogs had a Mother's Day angle. "Spoil Mum" and "gifts for Mum" and so on. I saw a lot of stuff that I most certainly do not want for Mother's day.

Family take note, I DO NOT want
-a weight loss drink. Please do not give any money to those vultures who pray on Mothers feeling insecure about their post baby body. Also I am fine with my weight thanks very much. Same goes for the exercise equipment.
- a toaster or a kettle. As a woman who enjoys baking and cooking I would never knock back something that is along those lines *ahemkitchenaid* but I'm not sure I can get excited about making toast or boiling water. They sound like appliances that should be bought with family money.
-a skin care pack claiming to be "like natural botox". Really? No comment.
-an iron. Don't even go there.
-uncomfortable "body shaping" underwear. "Wear these awful undies so that you are less wobbly and more presentable" does not really say "I love you Mum" to me.
-pink tools. I'm not sure if regular tools are unsuitable for women. Let's just say I'm happy to use what we have.

It did seem that there was a lot of gifts peddled as Mother's Day presents were aimed at Mum's appearance. I know it's nice to feel confident in how you look but anti wrinkle cream & weight loss stuff does not seem like a gesture of appreciation and love from the family. That might just be my opinion. Nor do boring household appliances that are really for the whole family. Nor do regular items all pinked up. The commercialization and money making side of Mother's Day makes me uncomfortable. Can we even have a day of celebration and not make it about money money money and stuff stuff stuff? *sigh* It hurts my head.

I'll tell you what I think would be ace for Mother's Day.

-How about the Australian government leaving Independent Midwives alone? Giving Mother's REAL choice in where, with who and how they give birth would be an awesome gift. Making them fit into the hospital system will be the near extinction of natural birth in this country.
-Mother's bodies being appreciated for what they are. Amazing and different. These bodies that grow and feed their children don't (usually) go back to a neat photoshopped little package. Health and beauty does not come in one size.
-the breastfeeding debate over-breastfeeding is what's normal for babies. Period. I'd love to see photos of children being fed mothers milk not being labeled as obscene and artificial milk companies to stop peddling their wares. Support and real information based on fact and trust not fear and mistrust of women's bodies.
-paid maternity leave. Stay At Home Mothering being seen as a real way to spend your time. The value of children raised by their own parents.
-better child care choices for working mothers. Improving the baby to carer ratio.

I personally would just love to be loved by my children and told I am appreciated and valued as a mother by my husband. Maybe a drawing or something the kids have made would be nice too. Time spent together. And maybe a little time to myself.

If you are a Mother and you are reading this know that your worth is not in how you look or how much stuff you have. I hope you feel valued, loved and appreciated. I hope you don't have to parent alone. Take some time on Mother's Day to celebrate your achievements as a Mother and to appreciate the gifts your children bring.


Ana Star said...

I'm getting a Mitre Saw!

Rachael said...

Totally agree, although hubby if I accidentally leave this window open, let it be known a massage wouldn't go astray *hint*

Garden Pheenix said...

I couldn't agree more. Our mothers day was in March and I remember thinking the same things. <3

katepickle said...

I've never celebrated mothers day - not as a child or as a mother. It always seems like such a crock to me... all pink tools and crappy presents designed to relieve people of their money.
I am loved and appreciated for what I do every day (even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes)... so next Sunday means very little.

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