Thursday, June 24, 2010


My bestie is very pregnant.
Like could happen anytime very pregnant.

Is there anything quite as exciting as waiting for a new babe to be born?

I know, I've been pregnant too and the end bit does drive you insane with all the heartburn and kicking and feeling a small person headbutt your cervix all day. But I also remember it being kind of exciting too. Like I would wake up and think "is today the day? Will I be holding my new baby in my arms by this time tomorrow?" And I also remember feeling a bit sad that I would not be able to feel my child curled up in my belly all the time. I would get excited wondering what they would look like, and what sex they would be (granted this was only with Harper, but it was so nice not knowing I really regretted finding out with the other 2) and how the birth would go. I would daydream about names and visualize myself holding my belly babe in my arms. And then I'd go pee and stare in the fridge hoping for inspiration.

As I'm not the one with all the late pregnancy discomfort I'm so excited! I might be called to help wrangle her older children for a bit so I've been carrying my phone around waiting for news-which I've been promised to get at any hour of the day or night.

So bestie, when you read this take a moment to enjoy the anticipation because before long you will have a wonderful squishy newborn in your arms and all the mystery will be gone. Except for maybe a name....

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katepickle said...

How did you know that I spend half my nights peeing or standing in front of an open fridge!?!?! LOL

Funny reading this because I was exactly where you are now a little over a year ago waiting for your gorgeous girl!!!

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