Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Arts and craft


I was reading this post at Picklebums the other day and it got me thinking about arts and crafts.

My children LOVE to do all kinds of drawing and painting and cutting and pasting and and and so on. I HATE cleaning it up. At the ages my kids are I can only reasonably expect so much help from them in the tidying up of this sort of epic mess. We rent and I'm always mindful of painty handprints on walls and glitter glue in the carpet. I'm mindful of cleaning up one painty child while another runs riot and the smallest one climbs onto the table and eats whatever is closest. I'm also shit at keeping a user friendly art cupboard.

I know the kids love to create and I know how important it is for them to do so but I must confess that i do find it a bit stressful with certain mediums and I have to talk myself into not being all moany about the mess.

So. Where to from here?

I am going to clean out and rearrange said art cupboard this weekend. I am going to do an inventory of supplies and get more of what we like and are running low on. I am going to make a commitment to setting up an uber messy project at least once a week while Harper is asleep during the day. I will learn to cope better with non house damaging mess like cutting paper and gluesticks. I will be mindful of how much my kids like to create and of how small an issue it really is for me to clean it up.


katepickle said...

Oh you are good committing to one messy activity a week... I was going to say ditch anything too messy. It doesn't have to be messy to be worthwhile.. so I'd save messy till the weather improves and it can be done naked and outside. LOL

Hands and Hearts said...

Word for word, I could have written that. I LOVE art anf craft, LOVE it! I hate cleaning it up, and having it done at my house.
My number one priority in our house we are building is a big outdoor area under cover. Then the kids can go crazy.

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