Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Itchy feet.

I have a confession to make. I like moving house. Yep. It's true.

I get a great deal of satisfaction in the cleaning out before packing, the packing and sorting and the rearranging and assigning of places to put stuff after we move. I like change. Hell, I love it. And as much as I love our house now and where we are living I have found myself on real estate websites looking at rentals, and wondering.

I have even been looking at motorhomes and housetrucks and imagining how awesome it would be for us to just pack up and take off...

But reality is that we have a great set up and arrangement where we are now and no one is going to rent to a bankrupt family with 3 kids and a dog. And we don't have a spare 20 large floating around to buy the housetruck with. Luke is in a great job with another 18 months to go on his contract.

I guess a part of growing up and being a wife and mother is learning to accept when it's time to stay put....for the time being.


Rachael said...

LOL, yeah being a grown up sucks sometimes!

I'm not necessarily a fan of moving but I would like to have more adventures.

However my (older than me and that used to be a good thing) husband is totally over it!

Sif said...

Argh, we have to move again in the next 12 months and all i want to do is stay put - i might be aging prematurely! We lived in our last house for 5.5 years and it was GREAT! Diff'rent strokes, lol.

katepickle said...

It's not easy being 'happy with what you've got' sometimes is it... even if what you got is pretty good. I've been working on it all year re. renovations. I can see so many good points about not starting the renos yet... still I am itching for the changes it will bring, good and bad!

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