Saturday, June 26, 2010

A new little person joined us this morning

11pm- last night I got a text saying that Bestie was in labour and to wait for more instructions.
215am-another text. Could I come and mind the kids while their grandmother made the hour long trip to take over
2:40-Bestie and husband leave for hospital. It was clear to me that baby was well on it's way and Mama was in for the pointy end of labour soon enough
4:40-I'm home after Nanny took my position as midnight babysitter to slumbering children
5:30-It's a boy!! No details yet but Mama and baby are doing well (and probably sleeping!)

I'm so happy for Bestie and family, I'm so excited about meeting her new little man, I can't wait to sniff his head and gush. I'm also honored to have been called to help.

Babies. So lovely.

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MissyBoo said...

Can you wish the happy family many congratulations xoxox

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