Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh my! What a shitty day!

So I was woken at the buttcrack of dawn by both 5 year old and puppy. Which I was not happy about after having close to zero sleep from sleeping next to miss toss and turn. I have my period and for some reason this month the cramps are KILLING me. Of course there are no good drugs here for that and nothing open st buttcrack of dawn. So I wait. Impatiently. With much sighing and whining.
I send Luke off to collect drugs, which need to be taken with food. I think under the circumstances that hotcakes are in order. He returns with supplies and drugs. I love that man. I remember that I am having a friend around for a visit in...half an hour. FUCK. Time to shower and dress and sort kids out and and and. you know how mornings roll with kids?
Have lovely visit with friend-really nice to catch up. But have to kick her out and rush kids out the door so we can go to unschooling group. Tannah has missed it and was really looking forward to it.
We get to a very cold and wet neighborhood house, we wait for an hour and a quarter, no one else shows up. Tannah is very disappointed. We leave and go in search of shoes at shopping centre.
Shoes for Tannah are one of my few consumerist splurges. I normally buy her skate brand shoes as they accommodate her wide feet and are super cute. The size she is in is almost impossible to buy. The smallest in the childrens and the largest in the toddler. It almost doesn't freaking exist. We found 2 pairs that we liked and had no joy with either in the size department. We left shopping centre without shoes.
Return home to a puppy who refused to be in her kennel despite rain. Soggy puppy who jumped huge muddy paw print on my one pair of long pants. Bugger.
Discover that 3 families turned up to unschool group about 15 minutes (or less!!) after we left. Find puppy puddle on the carpet and baby sharing drink with puppy.

Tomorrow is another day right?


Kestrel said...

Yes it is. ((((huge hugs)))) that sounds really really hard!!! Hope you have hot drinks, good drugs and a peaceful evening to really rest you up for tomorrow x

Megs said...

Ahhh so glad I'm not the only one having one of those days! May tomorrow be kinder on us both.

katepickle said...

hey look the sun is shining today... that already makes it a better day *hugs* and lols about baby and puppy sharing drink!

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