Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our newest baby


This is Lulubelle (clearly Tannah was mostly responsible for the name). She is a cocker spaniel cross and she came to live with us a couple of weeks ago.

There was much pleading on behalf of the kids on getting a dog, there was some resistance from Luke and I was feeling as impulsive as I usually am and was all for it. We know that pets and kids are great together and that we were all missing having a dog so we decided after a fair bit of discussion and back and forth that we'd get ourselves a puppy.

There has been all the tricky stuff that goes with puppies like dog poo in the house and the jumpiness but all in all it's been lovely and we are all enjoying having her around.



Garden Pheenix said...

She is gorgeous ^_^

sunshinedays said...

that picture is just precious. makes me want to go and get ourselves a dog *right now*.

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