Friday, June 11, 2010

Things I know

-I might not have a cat that likes to hide in boxes but I do have a puppy who likes to shit on the paperback copy of Hairy Maclairy
-if the milk smells funny don't taste it
-electric toothbrushes switch the balance from kids not wanting to brush their teeth to kids only wanting to brush their teeth
-there are few things in life more annoying than tiny baby feet kneading your bellyfat at 3am.
-winter makes my children hungry. I've heard of kids who seemingly survive on air, none of those children belong to me.
-if you think you can smell a poo nappy/dog poo you probably can. Don't ignore that instinct.
-it's lovely when I enjoy the girls favorite book at the moment as much as them. (it's Edwina the Emu if you are interested)
-winter happiness is snuggling up in a warm house in front of a DVD with my family.

What do you know?


Rachael said...

I know that I love reading your blog! It's one of the first I go for when it pops into my reader ;)

Anonymous said...

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