Friday, June 25, 2010

Things I know

-Puppies chew everything
-Kids + paper + scissors = get the broom
-being woken up at 5am on a cold winter morning sucks
-it is entirely possible to get into an argument with a 5 year old if you forget who the grown up is supposed to be
-if you are stuck for cheap and easy fun with kids blow some bubbles. Instant winner!
-cloth nappies lose their appeal when you can't dry them outside in winter and your 1 year old eats 3 apples and a couple of bananas a day.
-ice cream for the kids for breakfast can buy you and your husband a sleep in of the nudge nudge wink wink kind
-when you are staying up following tweets about politics you are officially mature
-looking at tiny baby clothes is almost enough to make me ovulate
-kids repeat all the not so nice stuff you say ("Mum, the puppy is being STUPID")

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ahhh yes yes yes at the last one!
Jamie locked his keys in his car today so I had to drive into town to get them out. As I was getting the boys ready to go I was already annoyed at having to go and Jet was asking a billion questions about it, as 5yros do, and I said something about Jamie being stupid...
So of course when we got in and got the keys and took them to Jamie the first thing Jet said to him was 'Daddy you locked your keys in your car because you're stupid.'

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