Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bad ass...

I loved this post on Picklebums about the most "badass" thing she had ever done. I thought I'd share a story so you can have a giggle.

I've done some pretty "badass" stuff that I'm not going to get into but I remember when I was about 16 and liked the thought of being badass. I was heavily into the whole grunge thing and apathy with a dose of badass was the style at the time. Along with cutting your own hair, dressing like a drifter and using liquid paper/marker pen for nail polish. I was COOL everyone. Waaaaay cool.
My Mum let me go to a local fair with some friends that year. It was *trumpets please* at night and she was not going to be there. I put my scruffy cherry Doc martens, a band tee and some op shop pants and got my badass on. My Mum had paring words.
"behave yourself, I know everyone and someone will dob on you"
I'm sure I rolled my eyes, I was an eye-rolly sort of teen. But her words were truth. My Mum was president of the netball club, had been on school committees since I started and took an active interest in my friends and their families. Not to mention we had lived in the same 15km radius for 13 years. I should have heeded her words...

My friend and myself encountered some boys we kinda sorta knew who offered us a drink. Knowing that a whole can could get me in trouble I accepted a SIP. I mean it, it was a sip...and maybe a smoke. Not really very badass. But I felt pretty cool.

I arrived home to my Mother. Frowning. Who was very angry about my drinking at the fair. I couldn't believe it, true to her word someone who she knew saw me sip (it really and truly was ONE lousy sip) and rang and dobbed! My badass was quickly reduced to apology and begging not to be grounded. I'm pretty sure my big, bad badass self cried. I laugh now and I'm pretty sure my Mum was laughing her ass off at the time. I don't know if Kurt Cobain ever got dobbed on but I sure did!


Juniper said...

loved this Shae! Made me laugh so much! We will have to compare BadAss stories sometime LOL!

Wanted to say that I tell my teen all the time that "the neighbourhood has eyes everywhere" and just to remember that lots of the parents in this neighbourhood know me and will either "dob" on him, or feel perfectly comfortable telling him off themselves!

katepickle said...

ha ha ha LOVE it!

I love that parenting tip too... I am so going to use that line on my kids!

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