Monday, July 19, 2010

Random comment hall of shame

I was talking with a group of women today and mentioned that a particular comment had to be "one of the top 5 craziest comments ever made to me". It was suggested that that sounded like a blog post. Thanks for the inspiration Deb, as requested here are-

The top 5 craziest comments ever made to me, in random order.

"aren't you scared that she will fall out of that...AND DIE??!!"
This was asked of 6 month old Harper sitting on my hip in a ring sling. The woman asking the question was quite panicked about the situation.

"oh no!! Another girl! You and your husband especially must be just devastated. How awful for you both."
This corker was by a man at the supermarket and Harper was still tiny enough that we were still getting random people come up and gush over our lovely newborn. Even if I was disappointed about her gender (I wasn't) I still thought it was a pretty offensive random comment.

"so will you just get an ambulance to sit in the driveway while you are in labour in case you have to be rushed to hospital for a cesarean?"
Ummm no. I know homebirth is a pretty new idea for a lot of people but really.

"I hate how parents who don't send their kids to school think they are so much better than teachers-like they can do the same job of someone who went to university. Those parents just think they are so smart."
Yep, it's a superiority complex that drives people to home educate. Apparently. That discussion got a little heated.

But this takes the cake. This is a true story of an altercation I had with a woman at the shops when Harper was 5 days old (don't tell my midwife I was at the shops with my newborn when I should have been on the couch!)and was in a pouch sling.
Stranger "oh look! That is a tiny baby! How old is she?"
Me (still on post birth high) "she's 5 days old"
Stranger (poking into the sling grr) "wow look at her perfectly round head! She must have been born by c-section because only c-section babies have beautiful round heads like that"
Me "no. Actually she was born at home. I had a homebirth"
Stranger "FREAK!" and SPITS AT MY FEET and storms off.
That actually happened. I was holding a container of blueberries with a look of complete shock on my face for a while thinking "did that really just happen??" before I could move on.

I would love to hear of your craziest random comment. Share!


Nic said...
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Nic said...

Oh my god that last one is just INSANE !!!

Sazz said...

OMFG @ those!

Great blog post idea. May steal in the future.

"Where do you come from?"
"And you do THAT here?!?!"
(public breastfeeding)

"You know there's feet poking out of that thing, don't you?!"
"It's a baby sling, those are our baby's feet!"
"Oh I thought it was some freaky scarf!"

"There are people in this country so poor that they can't feed their babies. We call them Jews"
(in truth this wasn't said to me, it was said to a young man of African descent by an old woman who began by enquiring how poor people in "your country" are.

"Oh she'll never be able to feed. She's too used to those things!" (referring to my use of nipple shields when my daughter was 2 weeks old and couldn't possibly be "used to" anything yet!)

MoederKip said...

Oh Shae ... I'd love to add to the list, but anything that has ever been said to me just pales in comparison!
You do seem to attract them don't you... LOL!

Sif said...

I don't get a lot of comments in general, and only one of these were about parenting, but...

Carrying Bryn in a sling as a newborn, a check out chick asked me THREE TIMES if i was sure he was breathing... Well, uh no, he's DEAD, i'm carting around my DEAD bsby...

The other comment I've shook my head over many times in the past 18 years... I was sitting outside Coles waiting for my boyfriend to finish some shopping and this old man with a bible sat down next to me and said, "Hey mate, have you heard the Good News" (meaning the message of Chrisy)... I replied yes, hoping he would move on. He said, "Good! I like talking to blokes in the know!". Told laughed and said, "i'm not a bloke, I'm as girl...". And then he got a bit angry and said, "Well with hair like THAT (referring to my cropped haircut), if you got beat up, YOU'D DESERVE IT", and with that he stormed off...

Kestrel said...

Spit!?! At your feet!?! Oh my goddess....

Off hand, the most freaky comment would have to be the six year old in a playground who asked me in a horrified voice what I was doing as I breastfed my son. When I told her I was feeding him she shouted "No yer not! He's sucking on yer tits!" and ran off to her parents who looked as shocked as she was and left quickly.

April B said...

Oh my. WHAT!?! SPIT?!? THAT is insane!
And Kestrel, that just makes me *cry*. :(

Rachael said...

Oh wow. Where do all these crazy pants people come from??? I honestly can't remember anything that even comes close!

Sarah said...

Um ... wow. I have never had anything *nearly* that bad. How far up their own a$$ must someone be to spit (literally) 'Freak' at a mother? I just ... wow.

Sif - I'm laughing about the man sharing the 'good news' who is obviously so Christ-like.

The worst that I've ever gotten (I don't get much, thankfully) was when I was six months pregnant and talking to a woman about birth. I told her I was doing a homebirth and she said "I know a woman who did that and her baby DIED. DIED!!!! You can't want your baby to DIE." I asked her how many women she'd known who'd lost their baby in the hospital and she said "Six. But that's different. They were being responsible." Ok, then.

Anonymous said...

OMG these are all very amusing, but that last one Shae, freak indeed! And a special lol at the freaky scarf, and the freaky religious guy.

I've just had one woman a tupperware-type party recently say "Breastfeeding at 3 or 4??!! *eyes darting around* Is that LEGAL?"

And a not-so-little kid the other day asking what the baby was doing, and when I said "Drinking milk", she asked if it was 'real' milk or soy milk :(

Clel x

shae said...

Thanks for sharing your crazy comments! Nice to know it's not just me who attracts the nutters lol

Spiralmumma said...

I've never had anything even close to as bad as some of these! I got a few silly comments about the sling "oh is that comfortable?" "oh she does have feet after all (on taking her out) I'd never have known har har!" But on the whole I have mostly had positive comments. I cannot believe people actually *spit* at strangers! Or anyone for that matter o_O

mum+dad=akira and linkin and elijah said...

Wow, that last one is just beyond words!! I've had some corkers but gee, I'm not sure how I'd recover after being spat at.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You certainly do attract the crazies!

My husband is 24 years old but looks a bit younger. Late one night he and I had to take my son (6 wks old at the time) to the hospital. He was still in a business suit from work, but the nurse admitting us told him: 'You're too young to have a child.' quite harshly. She didn't say: 'You LOOK too young to have a child.' just, 'You ARE too young.' I was really offended. Technically, anyone who's been through puberty isn't too young to have a child. I didn't tell her that our son was our 2nd child too. ;)

I was so miffed. Also, I've had the whole range of home-birth comments too, but none of them really stand out. Same old nonsense every time.

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