Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We play! And here is where we do it.

We Play

I don't know about you but I love getting a glimpse into other people's houses and set-ups. Here is a look into the play space at our house. I also love showing off all the great gear you can get second hand! These photos are if you are looking around the room clockwise.

Farmhouse on op-shopped coffee table with collection of wooden blocks underneath. Bookcase with baby toys, plastic animals, train set, play cloths, matchbox cars and assorted bits and pieces.

pop up cubby house, cardboard boxes (these are used for all sorts of play!), op-shopped wooden ride on train and push trolley.

Dress ups, dolls on op-shopped table with all their clothes and stuff underneath in baskets (op-shop again!)

Kitchen corner. Table and chairs(op-shop), oven(eBay) with a heap of cotton, wooden and felt food and a wooden tea and cooking set.

I'd love to check out some other play spaces. Hint hint. To check out other great play ideas head over to Childhood 101 We play HERE.


amandab said...

To show you our play spaces I would be showing you my very messy lounge room and play area floors. I think there is a bus ride happeneing in the play area at the moment as about twenty teddies are sitting huddled together in a very organized way, but I was having trouble staying awake and alert yesterday, so I am not really sure what is going on!

Looks like you have managed to pick up some great buys at the op shop! It's Princess' new favourite shop too!

Kylie said...

Visiting from We Play.

I'm trying to get our playspace organised, trying being the operative word. Thans for showing yours.

Nice to see an aussie unschooling blog too. We have been getting into more of an unschooling groove ourselves of late.

Your blog looks fabulous too. :)

Kylie said...

I love all the natural wooden toys, instead of the usual brightly coloured plastic. I must remember that when gathering for our own toy collection. Sometimes I get caught up in all the hype of toy sales.

Belinda said...

Your play spaces look like loads of fun. We've found loads of treasures at op-shops too. Our favourites would have to be the fancy dress up dresses we've found and the glitzy handbags

joyce:waddleeahchaa.com said...

I am from Texas and I am assuming Op-shops are what we call second hand stores. For me this is the way to go. Many of our second hand stores are related to charities so when you purchase an item it is supporting a charity. I love this because everyone wins especially Mother Earth because we are recycling in the biggest way. My favorite item in your play area was the large wooden train and push cart. I have a special place in my heart for wooden toys. Thanks for the post. :)

shae said...

op-shops (opportunity shops) are the same as thrift shops or second hand shops :) Almost always run by a charity group

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