Sunday, August 15, 2010

In-head planning

I have a few ideas in my head of stuff I want to put into action around here. I've had a rotten cough for 6 *SIX* weeks and it has made me slow down (hmmm maybe I should be careful what I ask for?) and I've been thinking up a storm. Here are a few bits floating around my head.

-a picture board of our weekly activities. I bought a magnetic whiteboard forever ago with this plan. Divide it into days of the week and take photos of us at our activities and stick them on the relevant day. Also take pics of friends we regularly catch up with and pop those on there when we have a play date coming up. Kids like to know what's going on and this will help, I think.

-prune my blog reading list and switch them to Google reader.

-sort out the shame that is my recipe situation. Keep only stuff I cook and tear stuff out of magazines and write out some ones again that are trashed.

-Get medieval on our budget and keep it logged

-plan some spring craft

-I feel a clean out and a clean up coming on. There are some seriously messy areas that don't warrant attention daily and they seem to gang up on me. Like the windows. Like the garage. Oh my.

-get all the stuff to register Tannah as a home educated child. Fill stuff out. Hand stuff back. Look forward to school start bonus next Feb lol.

-plan some regular one on one time with both Tannah and Willow. I think we all enjoy a bit of quiet time with each other. Talk to girls about things they'd like to do.

-plan trip to see the Titanic exhibition at the Melbourne Museum. Kids and Luke not interested so looks like a day in the city for me!

How about you? Any plans?


MoederKip said...

Love the idea of the picture board.
I've been thinking of something like it for Bradley - help him to visualise what's going to happen, to stop him obsessing on what he thinks should be happening!!

Garden Pheenix said...

I just did the clean up of blogs and switch to google reader lol. Snap! I was also planning a calendar for our week/month so the wee one can be involved in knowing what is happening and what is coming up. I made one for seasons/days/weather, etc but I think a monthly one would be a good idea beside that. Also been cleaning a lot lately... go figure. Great minds think alike? <3

anastasia_wolf said...

Hmm yeah I have plans, I need to articulate them though. One thing is enlisting Kira's help in coming up with ideas of things to do/learn/explore together. I need to reorganise and declutter too. Gah, brain hurts though!

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