Thursday, August 19, 2010

In search of snow...

Having grown up in south east Queensland with all it's lovely warmth I still get a kick out of the fact that it sometimes snows about half an hour from where we live in Victoria. I am yet to see actual snow at Mt Macedon but I sure feel those chilly winds when it's happening!

It snowed there yesterday,enough to cover the ground, and more snow was predicted for today. I got up and surveyed the weather. It was freezing cold and overcast with some showers, it felt like it might snow here! I decided to pack up the kids into their warmest clothes and head for the Memorial Cross The gardens there are lovely and there is a yummy cafe as well. And it's pretty much at the top of Mt Macedon-snow altitude!

As we were driving up I was driving in a bit of sleet and was feeling pretty hopeful that it would be cold enough for the sleet to be snow when we got to the top...but alas the sun came out and hopes of snow were dashed.

I did have a lovely lunch with my girls and we had a walk around in the frosty air. There was a big discussion about bushfires as the cross was damaged in the tragic Ash Wednesday fires and there are some photos of the cross in various states of damage and repair. We also had fun estimating how many steps it was from one tree to another. And I chased Harper around and tried not to have a heart attack as she climbed all around the steps surrounding the cross.

All in all it was a lovely outing, even with the lack of snow....which happened late this afternoon apparently.



Stacey said...

hehe damn that elusive snow! I've never seen it IRL you know :). Bloody SEQ ;).

Sif said...

I can smell snow when it snows. It needs to be hovering around 0 degrees celsius...

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