Monday, August 9, 2010

Short break

We're back from a weekend away. We drove to Warrnambool on the coast of Victoria to see southern right whales.
It was about a 3 and a half hour drive to our destination and because it is winter and I don't do cold the tent stayed at home and we lived large in a cabin.
Did we see whales? Yes we did! Well, the adults and the older kids (some other school-free families met us there) saw them. Tannah did, I think and Willow saw "the beautiful water" which was just as amazing for her. They didn't do big whaley displays a-la humpback whales. They did hover under he water and blow air out of their holes and kind of pop a bit of their back out occasionally. I still loved it.
We spent a lot of time at Lake pertobe which is the best park I've ever been to. We also went to Tower Hill. An amazing national reserve that was once a volcano. Heaps of wildlife. We saw kangaroos, emus and their chicks, a wallaby and some koalas. We did a bushwalk there. We also went and played on the beach. And we kicked back in the unit. And more playing on at Lake Pertobe.
But you know the one thing none of us did?

Was take a single photo!

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