Friday, August 13, 2010

Things I know

-when your 16 month old goes to bed after your husband it puts a dent in the old sex life.
-distance from family seems more real when you want to give someone a hug.
-if you have a cough for 6 weeks your pelvic floor will just pack up and leave. And peeing your pants is inevitable.
-cream tiles + puppy + backyard of mud after a heap of rain = don't bother mopping til spring
-once the kids figure out the cushions come off the couches be aware that is where they will be most of the time.
-if your kids are new to ballet they may misinterpret the teachers request to "make a picture" as a ballerina and just show the teacher their muscles like The Hulk.
-hearing all 3 of your children laughing and playing together is such a heart-warming sound.

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