Saturday, August 21, 2010

The winter of her discontent


Harper is unhappy. She is almost 17 months old and the world is one big ball of frustration to her. There are things that she just can't do, there are things I don't let her do. She can't understand why. She can't verbalize enough tell me what it is she wants or what she is trying to do. She is seeing what is OK and what is not, and she is not always pleased with the outcome. As much as I try to be patient and understanding of her age I can't help but feel exasperated at times, like when she comes to me covered in lubricant of the KY variety, or when she harasses the puppy over and over and over until the puppy growls at her, or when she climbs up onto the bathroom counter and tries to drink pierced ear antiseptic spray. I want to be OK with her tipping any liquid she can get on the floor, or the dog, or herself. I try to be calm when she gets around a childproof latch and smashes a heap of bowls from the cupboard.

It's all a learning process for her. I'm really aware of that or there would have been much more yelling when the toilet got clogged up with the roll of toilet paper. I'm making the house as much of a "yes" zone as I'm able. I'm getting better at carrying her around while she points at what she wants. I'm trying to keep more of an eye on her without stalking her.

I'm also looking forward to more words and understanding. And feeling grateful that she is my last pre-verbal toddler!


Clel said...

Ugh, I can *so* relate. Flynn spends a LOT of the day at home crying to see 'Beeba' (Ginger, the dog next door, who spends half the bloody time hiding anyway). It's his first word in the morning, last word at night. Ugh. Single minded, but not fortunate enough to be a single child...

Damn you for having finished your family!!!

Jess said...

Rolf. I do believe if I looked hard enough I would be able to find a very similar post about miss Willow. And now look at her. Try to enjoy it too cause this is it!! xo

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