Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I know my blog is lacking content of late and I'm going to tell you why.

There is something about me sitting in front of the screen that makes my children need me immediately. They hate the disconnect of me on the computer. They see my laptop as a challenge and seek to break me from it's embrace as soon as we try for quality time.

I get it. Really. I *do* ignore them a bit while on here. I am less available and more likely to give an answer of "uh huh" while not really knowing what I agreed to or really hearing their story. I have been known to be annoyed at destruction that has gone on while I was paying zero attention to what was going on outside the interwebs.

So I've been trying really hard to engage more and surf less. I have been using my iPhone a bit for the surfing too. But I do think I'm going to lay off that little gadget as well. Apart from the fact my right thumb hurts (the shame, RSI from iPhone overuse)I'm finding it a little addictive. Does it really matter what someone's kid who I never met who is the child of a person I went to primary school with just did? Do I really need Facebook? Can I survive without knowing what Darth Vader has to say on Twitter?

I'm pretty sure I can. I'm not dropping out, but I am scaling back.

But I am going to make the effort to blog more. Because I really do love to blog.


Anonymous said...

Same same, going well (modem confiscated), all of us happier. Babe asleep, will be back next nap :-) Clel x

jonni said...

Oh yeah - I follow Darth Vader on twitter too! Also Voldermort....
My iPhone use occasionally causes not only thumb but arm and shoulder RSI also - I know! How pathetic!

Sazz said...

OMG Darth Vadar is on twitter?!?!?!

***heads to twitter, clearly missing the point of the post***

Kestrel said...

I adore your blog so anything happening that means more of your delightful and scissor sharp insights makes me very happy.

shae said...

Ahem, I also follow Voldermort Jonni ;)

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