Monday, September 20, 2010

My pefectly imperfect life. Day 1

Good company today. I hosted a Mamabake. Where you do a big batch cook and share it with other Mamas who have done the same. As life would have it one of the children of one of the other Mamas was sick so they couldn't come and another family was caught in some awful traffic after a terrible accident so they didn't make it either. The numbers were down but spirits were up, along with a glass of bubbly. Sick child Mama dropped her wares off-what a legend. In my freezer I have cottage pie, pizza/foccacia dough, fried rice and chicken bolognaise. Pretty decent haul I reckon!

3 adults, 8 kids and a whole lot of fun! But now I am ignoring this....


But dinner is ready to go!

I'm having a perfectly imperfect week this week with Kate of Picklebums. If you want, come join in!


katepickle said...

I actually think your house looks pretty darn good after a day with so many kids there. SO bummed we missed out but thanks for the food loot!

Mummy McTavish said...

oh, bake ups are so much fun! When my sister was on Mat leave we did a few and the amount of food for the amount of work was fantastic. If only I could get my house a little less imperfect to have some friends around to do it again.

jeanie said...

I love the concept of your mamabake - might steal it!

Marita said...

I like the idea of a MamaBake and my playroom is looking very similar after having 7 kids over yesterday- it is now 9.36am on the day after all the kids were over and I've done nothing to tidy up the mess.

In fact let me turn around now and take a picture of it for you.

No wait my camera batteries are flat. Shall go rummage in junk draw for new batteries.

Right, camera batteries don't have to be the same brand right? So long as they fit...

Okay picture taken. And uploaded and here we go my imperfect life :D

My nephew was over a few days ago to play and when his mum asked him to clean up before leaving I gave him a broom and told him just to sweep the toys into a pile in the middle of the room :D

shae said...

The broom idea is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

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