Monday, October 11, 2010

As I collapse into my chair.

Harper is 18 months old. Harper is an inquisitive, busy, curious and strong willed toddler. She behaves in a way absolutely appropriate for her age.


Did you see how I used positive language there? Because what I wanted to say was that Harper is exhausting, stubborn, cranky, rough, single minded, aggravating and exasperating. She doesn't stop. She will not be distracted from what she is doing-even if it is trying to cuddle a dog that is going to bite her. She never ever takes no or being distracted with good grace. Who am I kidding, if I try and distract her she goes right back to what she was doing while flashing me daggers. There are lots of tears and throwing herself down on the ground.

I'm tired. I'm out of ideas.

I know that this is all normal behavior-if not on the extreme end of normal. I know that all these traits are going to make her an amazing adult (hell, she's an amazing kid!). I know that I don't always deal with it all terribly well. But how do I parent respectfully when she cracks the shits at me and fights me about not letting her swallow a marble or run in front of a dozen 6 year olds skipping towards her? And let us not speak of having a full bowl of yoghurt thrown back at me because..well I don't know why that upset her seeings as she got me the bowl and yoghurt and asked for help.

I know this too shall pass and I know when she is able to talk more it will get easier. I know that being the youngest of 3 born all so close together must be tough. I'm doing the best I can with the resources I have so that we BOTH come out of this period with our emotions in tact. I love her so much and part of who she is is this amazing and huge personality, I don't want to squash that.

But in the meantime can I just get a little break sometimes..pretty please?

(I must say I have toyed with this post for a while because it sounds so negative but THIS over at With Hearts and Hands Full inspired me to put it down! Thanks C)


Clare said...

Nawww hun *hugs*
My first was the same, as was my 4th. Little fire crackers.
I know how hard it is to practice what we preach with children who test our patience and will at what seems like every damn thing.
It is hard, it is draining, tiring and challenging.

Yes it will pass. Time will move on and the next stages and phases will be here soon. But that doesn't help right now hey?

Huge hugs for you. You are a freaking awesome Mumma. Take time for you too, to rest, re energise.

katepickle said...

I think it is healthy to blog the hard stuff... it doesn't mean you don't try to 'assign positive intent' as much as you can, it doesn't mean that you are not working on positive ways to accept/deal with things, it doesn't mean that you love her any less... it just means, that right now, in this moment... it is hard. And that's perfectly ok.

Sazz said...

I'm glad you shared xoxo you do make it look easy once a week when we're together.

I waste a lot of energy wondering why logic fails my toddler LOL it is as you said "age appropriate", shit ey?

MaidInAustralia said...

She is gorgeous! And I can tell tiring. But the joy in her little face made my morning!

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