Monday, October 25, 2010


That's me and the internet. I love it, I hate it.

I love all the interesting blogs, ideas, forums, social networking etc. I hate how it's a never ending rabbit hole.

For every one awesome blog or inspiring person to follow on twitter there are thousands more waiting in the wings. I find the screen addictive and with an iPhone I can waste hours entertaining myself and ignoring real life. I find myself asking the kids to wait while I read an article or ignore house stuff to go back and read hours I have missed on Twitter.

I don't think this is making me happy.

I do think I'm finding a compulsion to know what's happening. To see photos of the children of a person I haven't spoken to since the third grade, to read articles people link to-knowing they will piss me off, to follow blogs that I don't love to be polite in the blogging world.

I love being in touch with friends-both in real life and online. I love finding inspiring stuff to read. I love being entertained. But I think my net usage has gone beyond this.

Can I just blog, read blogs I adore and cull my facebook friends?

Watch this space....


Rachael said...

Urm yes. So long as you don't cull all of us!

Kestrel said...

What she said! And FWIW, your post completely resonates with me. I do find myself hours down the track absorbed in something that will do me no good in real life. I don't really need to know. i don't need to read through crafty blogs pretending I'm bookmarking the sites for projects I'll never do.

Thank you for making me think!

Garden Pheenix said...

I deleted my FB after warning all 170 people and then started another one under a fake name and added the 16 that I actually couldnt stand not having contact with - my nearest and dearest and who I could be utterly myself with and who discussed with me/each other on a daily basis all the wide variety of interests we had. Best thing I ever did :c)

ryivhnn said...

My word going from your pretty blog to the comment section was jarring! Anyways, was gonna say, that's how life operated before fb came along trying to pretend it was the entire inerweb :)

urban craft said...

it never does end, does it? But at least that's the cool thing. Every time online (it doesn't have to be everyday) is a new opportunity to find great blogs. Like I just did now with yours.

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