Monday, October 4, 2010

My YES project


A lovely friend of mine is so good at saying yes to her kids. I find it very inspiring. She is in no way permissive or oblivious to what her children are doing-in fact she's the opposite. Very involved and available to help when needed, but aware enough to leave them to help themselves as much as they are able. But she has a real gift for being able to not freak out about mess (her motto is "everything can be cleaned!")and not putting off her assistance when it's needed.

I struggle with both of these things. As much as I would like to be more free and relaxed about mess the kids make it seems to be able to make me twitchy-even though said mess is always easy to sort out. It's a hurdle I need to get over. Also I know I'm guilty of the "in a minute when I've finished on Twitter" and "soon" as responses to easy and quick things I am being asked to help with. I also am cringing as I write this but I have been known to give the response of "mmm hmmmm" as I'm being talked to when I'm on the computer and not really listening at all.

I have no plans to become permissive or be a slave to my children, but I do think that I could say yes more and say it without hovering over potential mess or pre-assessing someones ability. I want my girls to feel like I hear them when they talk to me. I want them to feel freer with mess and trying things that might be new or above their ability. I want them to make more mistakes and have more choice.

I'm going to blog about this all week and then try for regular updates. I'd love for others to join in! If you want to join in leave a comment with a link to your blog, I'm really interested to hear how others say yes more and what more freedom looks like at your place.

Can I do this? Yes!


Anonymous said...

This is precisely my concern about my parenting at the moment! And I wonder if you're talking about the same friend that has been inspiring me in exactly the same way these past few weeks!?

I don't have a blog to post on, but I'll certainly be taking the challenge, and will be interested to read your updates!

Can we do this? YES we can!!!!!

Thanks for posting, Shae!


Nicole Harry said...

I think is an awesome and timely idea. I have been thinking about these things myself lately. I am over at and will post on this topic ASAP (as soon as I action my girls request to see there pictures!)

Jade said...

Oh, YES! :p Great idea.

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