Monday, November 1, 2010

Things I know-the home from hospital edition


-There is nothing to prepare you for having a child so sick that they cannot wake up fully, stand up or eat
-There really is no place like home
-a good and caring nurse is worth their weight in gold
-sleeping on a bed that doesn't crackle with plastic protector everything is so quiet
-hospital food really isn't that bad
-getting a private room is probably the only advantage to not knowing exactly what is wrong with your sick child
-having an toddler who is not eating makes you so so grateful that you are breatfeeding
-only expensive, fancy disposables contain liquid poo fountains of the toddler variety.
-when you have been away from your big kids for 3 nights they will look older when you see them again
-seeing your very sick child start to turn a corner towards getting better will make you so very grateful, especially when you see some of the long term patients at the children's hospital you are at
-getting the all clear for meningococcal will make you feel like high fiving the doctor
-getting the OK to go home with instructions to "rest up and breastfed as often as you can" will make you feel like hugging the doctor
-looking beside you and seeing this on your own couch in your own home is too wonderful to put into words



Clare said...

So glad to hear you and Harper are home.
I know too well the feelings you describe. Our love and fear for our children when they are sick is so strong.

Kudos to the Dr saying to rest and boob as much as you can, that is good to hear they said that.

Much love to you all.

Missy Boo said...

So glad to hear Harper is improving, and well enough to be at home.
Yay for breastfeeding toddlers :)

Stacey said...

Go glad you are home and Harper is improving, such a scary journey for everyone :(.

April Masson said...

I can identify with all of those and I am so pleased that you got your little girl home healthy and happy.

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