Tuesday, October 5, 2010

YES Project-Day 1


Tannah and Willow asked to get their new counting bears out, and the scales. After about 5 minutes of sorting them and playing "Mama bear has triplets" Tannah asked for water. Harper can sometimes be a barrier to water play inside-as cool as I try to be about mess and age appropriate stuff like emptying containers I do draw the line at entire buckets of water on the tiles ( she gets plenty of water play outside). But Harper was asleep so I said absolutely yes.

We discovered that the bears floated (I thought they'd sink!) and then Mama bear was having a waterbirth with the triplets. They measured out the buckets with water to try and get them to sit evenly, they saw how many bears could float at once and later they bathed some My Little Ponies. Was there a spill? Yes, more than one. Was it easy to clean up? YES. A couple of towels and a change of clothes and all dry!

It's always good to be reminded of how very easy water actually is to clean up!

1 comment:

Clare said...

My kids are similar with art and craft, it is easier when the 2 little ones are asleep.

Lots of eclectic learning at your house! Math, volume, measurement and even birth! Lovely :)

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