Wednesday, October 6, 2010

YES project-day 2

Yesterday was a crappy day. One of those days where I longed for live in grandparents or a full time job. I wonder if the children are realizing my shift to more freedom and are trying to push me to see how big that freedom goes. There were tantrums at the park, a skinned knee, cupcakes made with forgotten ingredients, super hungry, needy kids and a glass of milk spilled all over the kitchen bench and in my wallet. I felt like I didn't get a minute to just stop and BE. It was exhausting.

But I did say yes to helping with the cooking. Even helping with the hot stuff. Tannah. Willow and I stewed rhubarb that was given to us form a lovely friend's garden.


Oh, and Willow wore her pajamas to the park.

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Monica said...

just read through your saying yes project. really great. i especially love that you're realistic and staying true to yourself, whilst aiming to create even better connections with your kids.

my motto is - everything can be cleaned but i don't necessarily want to clean anything. lol

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