Friday, October 8, 2010

YES Project-rest of the week


OK so I dropped the ball on this one lol. But it's Luke's week to work afternoon shift and that always makes life somewhat full on.

I have said yes lots this week like getting soaked at the park (see above photo), helping with the cooking and cleaning and craft at times I would usually have said no. I have learned that I was saying no to a LOT. Taking a moment to think before I say no to a request has been really eye opening for me. I usually say no in the name of efficiency and getting things done quicker. Meaning not letting the kids join in with the day to day stuff as much as they would like to. Also turning down messy projects (though really, none of them have taken longer than 5 minutes to clean up) if I'd just tidied up or was about to. I also learned that I ignore and put the kids off when the computer/iPhone is in close reach. That's a no brainer right? But do I really want them to think that every time I'm in front of a screen that they come automatic second?

It was just such a great exercise for me to turn on my awareness to saying YES! Anyone else have any yes moments to share?


Isa said...

the YES project! How awesome! I need to join in, too!

Sif said...

Yesterday I said yes to Erik going to our local park by himself on Luey's scooter, yeah, yeah, he's 11, so well and truly old enough to do this now, but he's my first. Today it'll be both of them, and Erik has already asked if he can take Bryn one day soon. Can see this summer being full of park trips...

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