Thursday, November 4, 2010

Because I'm a fat woman...

I love this post from Janet Fraser about being a birthing woman and discovered it is based on a quote from Women's liberation in the 80's. This post over at Corpulent has had me thinking about how accepting of my body I really am. I used to wear bikinis. I'd like to start wearing them again..I digress. I love the idea of a fat manifesto, a fatifesto?

I have written this from the perspective of being a fat woman because that's all I know how to be.

Because we are fat women and
Because we are told we are too disgusting, too lazy, too ugly, too smelly, too stupid, too gluttonous , and no one will ever want to have sex with us, love us, enjoy our bodies, because we are told we have no will power, eat too much, exercise too little, sit around eating donuts all day, because we get horrible, degrading things shouted at us by complete strangers, because we get unsolicited dieting advice, because we can’t possibly get married without trying to lose weight, because finding clothes that are comfortable, fashionable and easy to buy is difficult, because people think fat is a death sentence, because we get our bodies policed, because the media is constantly telling us that there is only one way to look beautiful, because we are offered dangerous alternatives like surgery and calorie restricted diets and excessive exercise, because it’s none of anyone’s business what I do with my body, because we are taught to hate fat, because health comes from eating well and moving your body-regardless of size, because bodies come in all shapes and sizes and fat bodies should not mean shame and discrimination and disgust…and so for these and many other reasons I’m part of the fat acceptance movement

Who's with me?


Garden Pheenix said...

Sign me ip!!!

Frances said...

YES, WEAR BIKINIS AGAIN. Let's start a half-naked fatty rampage!

On the topic of a fatifesto, Zoe Whittall wrote a fantastic call to arms:

Baby Mama said...


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