Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brain constipation...

I have a few very interesting ideas rolling around in my head that i would like to blog. About not freaking out about spontaneous praise, and how being honest about being a natural parent influences other people, about birth snobbery and even about the recent storyline of Packed to The Rafters. Really.

But every time I sit down to write it's like pulling teeth and I delete the drivel I'm squeezing out. But it's all in there...waiting to go. I need some bloggers laxative to get the ideas moooving on out.

In the meantime here are a couple of links to places I've been around the blogosphere of late.

My story "Blossoms" appeared on the wonderful site With Tears Of Love. This site is about sharing, supporting and understanding stories of baby loss.

I've also been a guest blogger on Bring Birth Home talking about how my birth trauma even invaded my first beautiful homebirth and how I wish I'd stayed home the first time. There is lots of other content over there to inspire and empower women to give birth at home.

Righto. Now to try and remove the block....

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