Thursday, November 25, 2010

The hit list and the shit list

Y'all love a blog in point form right? I thought so.

In my crazy busy life there is lots happening so I'm going to put some things out there on either the hit or the shit list. You get the idea. Let's start with the good stuff.

-Grass! Not the "wacky tobaccy" kind but turf. We have had our yard leveled out and turf laid. It looks AMAZING and the kids are enjoying having such a usable space. We've got more seedlings to get in as well, I'll give you pictures when it's all finished.
-Date night. My husband and I had our first date night since...I can't remember actually. It was our anniversary and we went out for dinner and to see a movie. I love my husband. He's awesome.
-tabouli. I'm not sure you can understand my obsession with this stuff. My bestie's Mum makes the best though. It's almost worth having another baby to have her make me oodles of tabouli like she did when I was pregnant with Harper. Actually, maybe I need to find some other way.
-Having my xmas shizz together. Yep, all organized and smug about it too.
-Damn you auto correct
is the funniest thing on the web at the minute. It has me LOLing for real every time I go there.
-a clean car. I washed and vacuumed my car this week. I MUST do it more often-so shiny and no crumbs! To be fair it was cleaned out to find the source of a mystery car smell...which turned out to be a dirty nappy that got hidden in the pram for about 5 days. It smelled about as good as you might imagine.
-hanging out with friends while the kids play. Bliss.

-having my email account hacked. Apart from the fact I have had that email addy for fricken ever and I had to delete it the hacker stole my contacts list and made it as though I was trying to peddle macbooks and the like to my friends. Fuckers.
-meltdowns, tantrums, whatever you want to call them they suck.
-Harper spitting chewed up food out all over the place, or yoghurt, or water. Finding a partially masticated banana in the barbie house is GROSS.
-snails. They are eating my garden! I have resorted to not so organic means as I'm not sharing any more beer with them.
-my 3 year old's obsession with playing "Yo Gabba Gabba" all day. It makes her talk in a bad American accent and I always have to be Muno, the one who looks like a giant red dildo.
-supplements. I really should be taking some and giving some to Harper but I'm CRAP at remembering. I know "there's an app for that".

So that's a peek into my life at the about you?


Jess said...

Awesome. Your right everyone loves a dot point blog list. I so hear you on the yo gabba gabba thing and the snail thing! Cant wait to come have a sqiz at the grass. Hope W is feeling better xxoo

katepickle said...

you know you don't have to do anything as drastic as having an affair and getting knocked up again... fairly sure my mum would be happy to make you some tabouleh if I just asked her LOL

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