Sunday, November 28, 2010

Simple pleasures

We've had a HEAP of rain over the last week. Wait, month..hang on, year? let's just say that dams all over Victoria are full.

Which means MUD!! Glorious mud! And playing with our Green Toys recycled plastic tea set from Eco Toys

The kids were out in the newly grassed backyard having a ball making mudpies.




Love seeing them get messy!



Nicole Harry said...

The rain is crazy! Love it for the water we need, hate it for the pile of washing that wont dry anytime soon...

ryivhnn said...

Full dams are good :D As long as they don't burst. My state desperately needs to invest in rainwater tanks for every house, too many people coveting English or tropical gardens use to much water.

Hurray for mud pies! Mud is good fun :)

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