Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spring?? Where'd you go?

It's so cold and miserable here today. Again. I have been feeling my pull to "spring clean" my house and my life and what I want to do is throw open the doors and windows and let in some fresh air and sunlight. Instead I'm starting my spring cleaning in a closed house-I even have the heating on tonight.

I'm almost reptilian in my need for sunlight and warmth. I can only handle the cold for so long before I feel myself start to fade. I like to wear as little as possible dammit! I like line dried washing!

Despite all the soul sucking effects of a long long winter I have some spring type stuff going on here

-I'm cleaning my whole house out. Yep. Every cupboard and drawer, shelf and box is being scrutinized as to the usefulness of it's contents. I LOVE to declutter. It's amazing for the soul!
-we are having grass laid in the garden and are having some landscaping done to make the space more user friendly
-we are starting to plant our food for the coming months
-and we have these new additions to the Yay For Homestead. 5 Baby chicks. Bok Bok (her real name) has been sitting on some fertile eggs that were gifted to us by a friend. The whole process was very exciting and now we are all delighting in "Mother Hen" and her babies peep peeping around the yard.

I'm going to keep watching the weather forecast and get outside now the kids are mostly better. Bring on spring!

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Clare said...

I am with you on the decluttering, I LOVE it!! Hub gets very scared when I put on my 'about to clean out the house' CD.

How cute are the chicks! Too cute, I bet the kids love them.

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