Friday, November 12, 2010

Things I know

-oil pastels are tasty. I don't know this personally but they must be nice because Harper loves to eat them.
-bath water is tasty. See above.
-investigate how the snail population is in your garden before you plant your seedlings.
-watching your child conquer a fear will make your heart swell.
-co-sleeping is less fun when you have to also share your bed with your child's favorite My Little Pony.
-The same goes for breastfeeding
-sometimes going with the flow makes Mama impatient. I want Tannah to like listening to chapter books now! I want to relive my youth by reading Charlotte's Web aloud.
-the washing. It never ends
-It is almost impossible not to catch giggling from delighted children.
-my children still think I'm cool for singing along to the music at the supermarket. I'm aware this could end at some point.

What do you know this week?

1 comment:

brookster said...

I am so freakin proud of you! Look at you- earth Mother. Makes me so happy that you have found the right place for you in this world. Years ago I probably would not have guessed that such a place was wherever 3 beautiful little creatures are. Keep doin what you doin man cos I love it. xo

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