Monday, November 15, 2010

Unschool Monday


I'm joining in this week with the lovely Owlet for her Unschool Monday.

Water water everywhere. Tannah and Willow are obsessed with water at the moment. They like to fill up containers of all sizes and float things in them. They like to cut up paper and fill their glasses of water with them. They like to add food dye and sparkles and make "potions". They like to wash all their toys and use a spray bottle. They like to jump in puddles and tip water in the sandpit. They like to help me hose the seedlings. They like to fill up their measuring scales and try to make them even.

Who knew science could be so wet?

Check out the link up HERE for other great unschooling blogs.

1 comment:

Kestrel said...

Ah yes, water... some great ideas for distracting them this afternoon on the off chance I get a nap!

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