Monday, December 6, 2010

Big kids

I spent a night out on Saturday. A whole night out. I went into the city where a friend and I attended a meetup of Melbourne fat acceptance peeps and then we headed into the city for a bit and then we crashed at a place in St Kilda.

No kids, no husband. For the first time since having kids I was completely child free overnight.

It was fine. I worked myself up into a bit of a state on Saturday morning worrying about how Harper would go, but I settled myself down. Harper is so fine with other trusted adults, she rarely feeds overnight (even then it's not until after 4am)and her father was going to be the one looking after her.

Apparently she never even asked for me! It was Tannah who was upset-mainly because she thought I was somewhere fun and she wasn't going to get to go.

My night was great. I met new people, had interesting conversation, ate some yummy food, laughed lots and drank a bit too much.

I had an epiphany about why I was so stressed about going solo for a whole night. For the last 6 years I have been the Mama of babies and I've spent a chunk of that time pregnant as well. It feels like I'm moving into a whole new phase of parenting and I'm losing that old identity. To admit my youngest is old enough and happy enough to leave overnight is admitting that I don't have any babies anymore and that it doesn't always have to be me plus at least one child.

Liberating and scary all at once....


Rachael said...

I'm sorry I cramped your style a little on your first big night out lol. I was pissed enough to feel ill, just not enough for a nightclub!

It was great to be out though. It worries me a little that I could get quite used to it ;).

And after that big practice, my youngest slept from 7.30pm until 6am uninterrupted last night. Was brilliant!

Clare said...

Lovely to hear you had a wonderful night out and away.

It is a mix of emotions the first time we spend away from our 'babies'

Enjoy the next phase, and you know no matter how old you are, they will always need you :)

bek said...

I think I felt kind of the same when Josh and I had our first night out together (sans kids, all three stayed with the outlaws, and were all fine, and only started wanting us when they were really tired and wanted to go to bed!) and the few times I've managed to take the dog for a walk on my own without also having to backpack the baby.

Miss the newborn and baby and will miss the toddler, but at the same time quite happy to not be doing it again ;)

Glad you enjoyed the night out!

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