Sunday, December 19, 2010

Simple pleasures

Every time I see my biggest girl with her new gappy mouth and her new grown up "Audrey" fringe (named for one of her friends who she adores) I feel a little bit emo in a happy way. She's growing up fast at the moment and it makes my heart swell.


I'm also feeling very organized leading up to our big trip. I love a good list. No really, I absolutely do. I'm a huge fan of Simple Mom's Daily Docket and I've written one for each day this week leading up to family brunch/flight/Luke's birthday/xmas eve. Or at your house it might just be known as "Friday". Having all the little things and social stuff all written down for the next five days at least gives me the illusion of having my shizz together if nothing else.

Hope everyone is finding some time for the simple pleasures in the silly season.

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